Serviced First Aid Equipment for busy work environments

In busy work environments, checking the contents and expiry dates of items within first aid boxes is often a task which is delegated to a specific person/people, however, if they are off work for any reason or work becomes busier than normal, these crucial but simple checks can be overlooked with significant potential consequences.

The HSE issued fines of £26.9 million in 2020/2021 for H&S offences with the average fine per case being £145,000.

We are more than an equipment provider, we work with companies and organisations to help ensure their compliance by offering not only the ability to purchase first aid supplies at competitive prices, but also leased and Serviced first aid equipment packages from as little as £1.20 per kit per month; these packages can include:

Serviced Packages

Already have the equipment you need? Our serviced packages provide a range of benefits to help ensure not only your compliance with relevant legislation, but also to provide a helping hand with often overlooked areas and include:

» Compliance visit

HSE guidance suggests that external checks of first aid kits can help support the fact that all reasonable steps are being taken to ensure compliance; we can offer this service by carrying out a compliance visit at a set time interval depending on your needs. These visits include a confidential report containing the condition of first aid kits and their contents as well as where required, replacing out of date items, restocking and re sealing.

»Simple re-stocking

For companies and organisations with multiple kits, there’s no more need for keeping addiotnal stock which will go out of date and therefore waste money. We can provide addiotnal consumables to be kept onsite to allow for the immediate replenishment of a used first aid kit and then replace any of these items when we undertake our next compliance visit.

» Simple re-ordering

Between compliance visits, any employee can scan the QR code on the first aid kit at any time to notify us that contents have been used and we will ensure replacement items or kits are dispatched quickly with no time lost sourcing and ordering the required items

» Response to affected equipment

Are first aid kits located in areas which are not routinely visited by employees and/or in public areas? Employees or even members of the public can scan a QR code which will send us a preformatted message informing us there is a problem with a first aid kit and we will respond to ensure the required items are in place and notify you of the issue; minimising the potential for equipment not being where it is needed.

»Maintain ongoing compliance

British Standards are occasionally reviewed and changed, when this happens, we will notify you of the changes and if additional equipment is required, we will send you these items and add the cost to your next payment.

» Effortless payment

One payment is taken each month for the service fee by direct debit. If any items are replenished during a compliance visit, the cost is simply added to the next month’s payment.

» Tracking of your first aiders qualifications

To help you remain compliant with having a sufficient number of trained first aiders, we also provide a free tracking service for your first aid qualified staff and ensure that you receive reminders in plenty of time; ensuring you have plenty of time to organise training so that you are never without suitable first aid cover.

» Discount on training

Companies with a service contract with us automatically receive a minimum discount of 10% on all courses delivered by our training company The Practical Training Hub which includes a wide range of first aid courses.

Lease & Serviced packages

In addition to the service packages, we are also able to provide a range of equipment on a lease basis over 12, 24 or 36 months. Our combined lease and service packages come with all of the benefits of the service package listed above, however, also include the following benefits:

» No expensive upfront costs

Moving to a new site? Expanding an already established site? We can advise on the level of equipment required to be compliant with the relevant legislation and then provide this equipment for no upfront cost.

» Never require replacements for out of date stock

When equipment is leased from us, in addition to the range of benefits listed within the service package, we also track the expiry date of every item supplied to you. By doing this, we can replace any item which is due to expire within the service period free of charge to ensure that equipment is never out of date; ensuring your kits stay up to date and compliant at all times.