High Risk Trade


The contents of this  kit meet or exceeds:

  • BS 8599-1:2019 Workplace First Aid Kits
  • BS 8599-2:2019 Vehicle First Aid Kits
  • BS 8599-1:2019 Critical injury kits

The kit contains a BS 8599-1 compliant small first aid kit which is suggested for between 1-5 people when used within a high risk setting as well as items considerably exceeding the Critical Injury pack minimum requirement under British Standard BS 8599-1. The critical injury pack not only includes two large trauma dressings, a haemostatic dressing and a Rapid Stop® tourniquet (which we believe to be the simplest tourniquet on the market) and which are all required under BS Standard 8599-1, but also Celox ® haemostatic granules to provide a comprehensive equipment for when it matters most.

As we know that many tradesman who carry out hot works need to travel from site to site, this kit also includes addiotnal items to meet BS 8599-2 which is ideal for vehicles with 1-8 passengers.

All of this equipment is housed within a IP67 certified, tough and durable case to keep contents protected and ready to use even when deployed in the harshest of environments or in the back of a works vehicle. The case itself external measures 258 x 243 x 168 mm and has reflective and glow in the dark markings identifying it as first aid equipment, increasing the chances and speed of finding the equipment in all environments. 


Do you also carry out other general works and/or use a variety of power tools? If so, check out our Trade and Hot Works First Aid Kit which is designed to meet the needs of both types of work.


Do you carry out work/work within an environment which could be classed as high risk including working near/around plan machinery or with wood work/carpentry tools? If so, check out our High Risk Trade Urban, semi-rural or rural First Aid Kits.

This kit was designed by a Paramedic with knowledge of the construction and outdoor industry, however, the contents of a first aid kit should be decided by each employer after a first aid needs assessment has taken place. These kits provide a range of items likely to meet the needs of those working within the specified trades/industries, however, it remains the responsibility of the employer to ensure that suitable and adequate items are provided.

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